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Employee Engagement

Take the pulse of your organization and drive meaningful change

Create a winning work culture. Make your company a best place to work, where people stay proud, feel safe and valued. Easily give to your employees the tools and the guidance they need to adapt, improve and perform.

Identify areas of improvement and actionable next steps

Take employee surveys to the level your organization needs and multiply engagement opportunities. With highly customizable options and all-purpose templates, you have the flexibility to set what to survey and how to visualize the results.

Put your people managers in the driver's seat

Empower your leaders to drive team culture and engagement. Give your people managers the full ownership to lead their teams with real-time visibility to engagement data. Equip them with consistent people data, sliced by indicators, skills or behaviors - for their teams, departments, or company-wide.

See the big picture with comparable real-time or historical insights and benchmarks. Make informed decisions and act immediately, preventing employee demotivation, turnover and performance decline.

Discover insights and trends, and transform them into powerful success stories

Uncover raw people data and understand what stories they tell. Understand the big picture of your team and your organization, and dive deeper into what really matters by eliminating the administrative work and exhausting analysis. Customize your smart dashboard and bring clarity into decision making with comprehensive visuals, historical data and real-time analytics.
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Ask the right questions and give a voice to everyone

Launch manual or automatic campaigns and collect people data that helps you make informed decisions and drive meaningful change. Feel your people’s sentiment towards your culture through engagement surveys, employee lifecycle surveys and highly customizable and flexible templates, based on your organizational needs.

Design employee engagement survey templates and get inspired by our comprehensive database of researched questions.

Explore your people’s sentiment towards team and culture belonging

Cultivate a powerful and diverse employee experience by understanding how people live your team culture. Partner with your leaders in promoting your company culture and reinforce them to respond with agility. Support your people managers to guide their teams for continuous growth, encouraging culture-supporting behaviors and company values.

Understand what makes your people loyal to your employer brand

Transform your employees into brand evangelists by understanding why people would promote your company, how they feel about and discuss it, and what really matters to them in the workplace.

Make the most out of your employee listening strategy with fully customizable survey campaigns - manual or automatic, open or anonymized, targeted or organization-wide.

Don’t just survey. Act.


Optimize your employee experience by responding immediately in key moments along the employee lifecycle. Advocate your initiatives by periodically checking your people’s mood, happiness at work, job satisfaction and many more.

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We’re proud that our platform and our excellent customer service have been recognized by G2 as one of the top-notch products out there.
The platform really surprised me because this is a great space where I can understand how our company values are promoted through work and projects (by both, management and other colleagues).
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