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Pulse & Engagement

Work together, Win together.

Nestor gives a voice to everyone. Lift team morale and create a better work culture by easily giving your employees the tools they need to adapt and improve.

Make your company a best place to work, where people stay proud, feel safe and valued.

Celebrate wins and team events

Small wins matter! Celebrate them with your peers, your team or your manager. Nestor’s feedback and recognition tool encourages open praise and feedback between peers, improves communication and boosts team morale.

Take in the moment pulse

Turn feelings into measurable tiny moments. Nestor’s embedded tiny pulse helps everyone quantify moments into praise or improvement.

Employee engagement and happiness

Nestor’s engagement & pulse Surveys are designed to measure and assess how happy and engaged employees are in order to perform their best at work each day.
Empower your people to work better, happier and with purpose
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