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People Intelligence Platform

how you
Engage Develop Retain

your Talent

Bring together engagement, performance and development planning with a skills based approach to build a winning people strategy. Go beyond just understanding your people and maximize their potential by putting our intelligent insights to work with automated employee nudges.

Set your people and business up for success

Place skills and people capabilities at the front and center of your talent strategy. Nestor’s data-driven solution unifies goals, feedback, skills and behaviors to give next-gen actionable insights that help you achieve organizational agility and resilience.

Our people-centric nudging system lets you send tailored nudges to employees to unveil opportunities to develop, unlock potential, embrace productive behaviors, and better collaborate within and across teams.

Fueling the modern enterprise
Build a future-ready workforce

People develop a growth mindset

Nestor supercharges your employees with customized suggestions for continuous improvement and drives behavioral change at scale.

Work is meaningful

Happy and engaged teams do better work, collaborate better and have higher loyalty. With Nestor, teams innovate more and deliver up to 50% better performance.

Business grows faster than ever

People commit to company’s purpose and culture, and through Nestor they can consistently align role-specific expectations with the business’ strategic direction.
Why Customers Love Nestor
Empower people to accelerate business growth

Grow, engage and perform with coaching

Empower managers to coach and handle difficult conversations. Nestor Coaching Assistant helps managers with action-based nudges on how to talk with each employee, establish coaching routines and offers a structure for keeping 1:1 meetings effective.

Intuitive & easy-to-use tool people love

Give to your people the tool they ever wanted. With an extremely intuitive interface, Nestor is quickly embraced due to guided flows, customized nudges and in-app notifications. Having everything at one-click distance, your people will be more focused and productive.

People analytics & smart technology

A future-ready culture operating system created for visionary HR Pros, business owners and innovative people. Identify opportunities or risks and make informed decisions based on our business and emotional intelligence prediction and analytics.

All-in-one culture tool of choice for everyone

Connect people’s day-to-day activities, performance and growth objectives with business results. Nestor helps adapt your employee growth, engagement and performance management programs so that they take ownership of business outcomes.

Tailored to your organization’s needs

Get things done with highly customizable options, all-purpose templates, culture and team assessments with tailored metrics and reporting for you to slice, dice and easily make an informed decision. Bring your needs and we will help you tailor it.

Build diversity, inclusion & belonging

Create a diverse, unbiased and inclusive culture where people feel they belong and have the right tools to thrive. Give a voice to everyone, listen, understand and act on your people’s needs; and help them become the best version of themselves, everyday.

Nestor will change the employee experience and manager effectiveness in ways people didn't think was possible. Nestor will be to employee experience and engagement what Salesforce has been for customer relationship management."

Marc R. Butler,
Former COO and Managing Director of BNY Mellon Albridge

Predictive Analytics & Business Intelligence

Nestor helps leaders with valuable in the moment insights. Nestor connects people activities with OKR setting and tracking, ongoing conversations between managers and their direct reports, peers feedback, pulse surveys and coaching practices in a unique solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to help organizations predict opportunities and spot early risks based on historical and real-time data.

Organizational development at the speed of technology

Nestor succesfully combines artificial intelligence, behavioral measurement tools, and business intelligence methods based on a proprietary software to connect employee performance, coaching, learning, and innovation.

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Secured and integrated with your favorite tools

We build tools around our customers’ trust. We understand how sensitive and important employee data is. Hence how critical it is to ensure and keep your data privacy secured. And we maintain the highest standards of data privacy and security.

Nestor integrates with external APIs, SSO, HCM connectors, communication channels, calendars and email providers. You can direct check-in on your objectives, receive notifications, get meaningful statistics and reminders.

Empower your people to work better, happier and with purpose
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