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We are Nestor

The Culture Operating System for the Future Of Work

We help people reach their full potential in the workplace while driving business growth.

Why We’re Here

Engaged people sustain a winning culture and make the business thrive. 

The future of work is being shaped by extraordinary changes in technology, overwhelming information and unpredictable global situations. Understanding, measuring and aligning the different talent dimensions that drive engagement and performance is a must in order to make strategic business decisions.

Engaged people build and sustain winning cultures; and they want clear expectations, ownership, a rich purpose, and especially ongoing feedback and coaching to enable their growth to be prepared for the future. 

We understood that organizational agility is critical to business success, and we knew it would take a different kind of technology to enable it. That’s why we founded Nestor.

What We Do

We make products that connect people’s needs with business results

Holistic approach to enabling coaching as a management style to help organizations build a future-ready workforce and drive business performance.

We’re focused on bringing value to every level of the organization by connecting people’s needs with business outcomes through modern performance and talent management processes that are fully supported by our tools. Our holistic approach improves the employee experience, well-being, personal and professional growth while driving Culture-ROI and business growth at scale.

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We focus on real problems organizations face

Partnership from Day 1. Our customers have data and a deep understanding of the challenges they face. We have proven products and we are a trusted solutions consultant.

We help our customers innovate and be competitive in the market. We deeply care about our customer success and that’s why we develop a trusted partnership at early stages. We add value to our customers not only by using our products, but also by providing consultancy and process based solutions that are aligned to industry’s leading practices.

Engagement with our customers, understanding their needs and business scope, guidance for successful alignment, configuration and deployment are key aspects in our collaboration.

We design technology that makes people data understandable and actionable

People Analytics that make sense. Data-driven insights to improve workforce processes, promote employee growth and make smarter business decisions.

We help organizations succeed by effectively combine people data, processes and technology in order to deliver transformational value at an optimized cost. Our technology uses a variety of statistical techniques that analyze current and historical facts to make predictions on future trends and potential gaps, organizational opportunities and risk management. We are committed to helping organizations get value out of their data while protecting sensitive information.

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We build and nurture a mission-driven company culture

We act with speed, commitment, and relentless focus until the impact of our work is realized.

We started in 2018 at Y Combinator in Silicon Valley, California with the vision to help people reach their full potential in the workplace while driving business growth. Over the years we’ve built an exceptional team of experts that are deeply connected with our mission and live through our shared values. 

We have two main operating locations: USA, California, San Francisco and Europe, Romania, Iasi. 

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Where We’re Heading

Nestor drives employee growth and creates stronger organizations.

We help every individual be focused and meaningful so that they can thrive in life and their career. 

Nestor turns employees into high-performers, managers into coaches and helps companies drive business results.

Nestor helps organizations enable coaching as a management style to build a future-ready workforce by taking a data driven approach to understanding which talent dimensions drive engagement and performance. 

With Nestor, business owners make smarter and more informed decisions based on meaningful employee data that is not only collected, but also made easily understandable and actionable.

At the core of each organization are the employees, and they need their leaders to always know what they are working on and to coach them towards excellence. The purpose of using technology is not to replace it, but rather create a streamlined leadership process that blends human qualities throughout the workforce in a single resource, focused on what matters most for them and the organization alike. It creates the opportunity for a shared learning experience that can effectively improve future efforts and outcomes in terms of decision-making and talent management.

Our Values

Making our customers happy

Delivering an amazing experience to our customers is one of our core values. This is how we build stuff at Nestor - having the customer in mind and being passionate about the problem we solve.

Delivering innovation through fast iterations

We take every challenge as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, learn and grow. We iterate fast and we deliver new functionalities even faster.

Work as a team and communicate openly

Open communication and working as one team is very important to us. The person who's responsible for the work decides how to do it, but they should always take each suggestion seriously.


We’re looking for ambitious and self-driven people to join our team. We expect for you to step up and take ownership on doing things and grow your skills.

Focus on results

We take decisions based on results, so most of the times your results will speak for themselves.

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