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Nestor Intelligence

Organizational development at the speed of technology

At Nestor, people science and artificial intelligence successfully combine to improve the employee experience, well-being, and personal development while driving Culture-ROI and business growth at scale.

Send the right nudge to the right people at the right time

Set up nudging automated workflows to initiate actions leading to more productive behaviors, give more opportunities for people to develop, encourage better collaboration and see outcomes across the organization. Choose from dozens of triggers, conditions, and actions related to the employees' behavior, goals, responses to surveys, or skills assessments.

Reduce bias

Take data-driven decisions. Nestor helps HR professionals and business owners reduce bias in decision-making by leveraging real-time data and simulations.

Engaged employees

Increase employee retention and satisfaction by showing them that you care about their personal and career development.

Hire the right people

Hire the right people that matches your company's values, vision and mission. Nestor helps assess people for company and team culture fit during recruiting.

Actionable insights into how to execute and operate

Nestor's holistic approach helps you identify new opportunities and spot potential risks based on historical and real-time data. Dashboards are based on a variety of statistical techniques from data mining, predictive modeling, and machine learning, that analyze current and historical facts to make predictions on future trends and potential gaps, organizational opportunities and risk management. This makes it possible to validate the employee experience on a day-to-day basis. HR performance and succession data provide information on which employees are engaged and challenged.

Save time using automation

Efficiently automate back-office functions for reliable HR transactions and service delivery. That gives a new dimension to strategic workforce planning to reduce employee attrition. Also, simulating which skills and talents are key to maintain balance within teams, and the best-fit candidates for the internal or external hiring process.

Optimize costs

Nestor helps organizations succeed by combining effectively people data, processes and technology in order to deliver transformational value at an optimized cost.

Measure Culture-ROI

Nestor solution embeds adaptive algorithms for helping business owners and HR leaders predict and take data-driven decisions.

Save time with automation

Reduce the amount of time HR professionals spend on administrative tasks.
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