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How Nestor Helps Orange to Create a Multi-Layered L&D Strategy to Lead Employees to Achieve Their Best

Nestor Orange partnership

The greatest achievement for us at Nestor is measured each time we bring value to our customers and contribute to their success. The recent interview of Luiza Müller – Orange Romania HR Director, in which she makes a recap of the last year and shares initiatives aimed at helping employees grow, is an excellent opportunity for us to highlight our partnership with Orange.

A partnership aimed at boosting the organizational and employees development

We’re proud and happy to be partnering with Orange for three years now to help them develop a culture focused on leadership and performance aimed at boosting the organizational and the employees’ development, at the same time.

Our collaboration started in 2020 with the launch of the ATOM program, an Orange program aimed at shaping a well-defined set of leadership behaviors, best practices, and skills with an impact on the personal and professional lives of employees. As Luiza Müller reveals during the interview, “development is a matter that, if done thoroughly, addresses three levels: mindset, behaviors, and practice tools.”

With Nestor, employees get quick access to a platform that can be the starting point to an organizational change and transformation of people in the sense of more productive behaviors, a leadership mindset, and continuous opportunities to develop critical skills.

The Nestor platform has been implemented throughout the company, with every department, manager, and employee having access to it.
Luiza Müller, Orange Romania HR Director

During the last five years, when she assumed the role of HR Director, Luiza Müller has managed to bring a special energy and a close approach to people and the work environment at Orange, and Nestor has become part of this ecosystem. All the initiatives launched and platforms considered to be used by the Orange employees were meant to ensure satisfaction and continuous development and to lead employees to achieve their best. 

Helping HR executives and leaders make an impact on employees’ development

Nestor is supporting Orange precisely in this direction. Our platform enables Performance Evaluation, Skills & Project Market and Team Culture, and helps Orange in achieving its goals of “setting unified desired behaviors, competencies, and best practices for all employees, no matter their organizational career level or department.”

At Nestor, we help HR executives and leaders make an impact on employees’ development and solve one of the top priorities for people today: unveiling flexible and personalized career paths to grow inside the company and perform at their best. Exactly as in the case of Orange. Our People Intelligence Platform offers workforce visibility over employee skills and capabilities, engagement, performance, culture, and career mobility and is emerging as the new must-have in the new world of work.

As a result, all the people-related initiatives implemented by Orange (a multi-layered L&D strategy, ATOM, Lead Yourself & Team Culture, Employee Experience program, the Coaching as a Service program, LeCO program – Learning experts’ community @Orange) led to a landmark figure during the last year.

Over a quarter of the Orange employees experienced a career change within the company and more than 20% of the recruitment processes were closed with internal candidates.
Luiza Müller, Orange Romania HR Director

This is a huge achievement in terms of supporting people with their careers and reducing the efforts to recruit externally.

It is so inspiring to see how the Orange HR team is setting an example and shaping the world of work. Beyond grateful to be part of their success.

If you want to read the full interview with Orange HR Director, Luiza Müller, head to Outsourcing Today.

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