Nestor has been named an EMEA Technology Fast 500 Winner by Deloitte<br />
Nestor has been named an EMEA Technology Fast 500 Winner by Deloitte
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Highlights from Nestor’s Participation at Viva Technology 2023

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Nestor at Viva Technology 2023

It’s only been a week since Nestor attended Viva Technology 2023, as part of the Orange expo area. And we already miss it! The 7th edition of the biggest start-up and tech event in Europe did not disappoint and delivered on its promise of being the place where business meets innovation.

The 4 days were like an exciting rollercoaster, with our attention being pulled in so many different directions by brilliant minds, visionary companies, and ground-breaking innovations.

Some of the words Elon Musk shared still resonate with us and with our core mission — taking organizations to the next level through the power of skills — and are worth sharing:

Life cannot be just about solving one problem after another, we need things that inspire us.”

What VivaTech is all about

Viva Technology is a one-of-a-kind event that aims to “accelerate innovation by connecting start-ups, tech leaders, major corporations and investors responding to our world’s biggest challenges.”

It was founded by renowned industry giants, which invite the start-ups they support each year to showcase their innovations during the event. VivaTech founding members include:

One of the main topics covered this year — with the potential to revolutionize the world of work — is generative AI. The discussions focused on the potential impact of these tools, the need for clear regulations, and the challenging task of predicting how AI will truly change our society.

Nestor’s presence at VivaTech 2023

We’re honored and excited to have had the opportunity to participate in this year’s edition as one of the innovative start-ups supported by Orange, who are a founding partner of VivaTech for a 7th consecutive year.

Nestor was part of the event organized by Orange, which took place one day before the official VivaTech opening. There, we had the opportunity to showcase what we do and how our skills-based platform empowers organizations to achieve workforce agility, high performance, and continuous growth.

During the first day of VivaTech, June 14th, we had the opportunity to welcome people to our stand and share more in-depth details, insights, and demos highlighting why we do what we do, how we do it, and what is the actual impact on our clients.

VivaTech 2023: top speakers and leading voices

The biggest start-up and tech event in Europe attracted over 450 inspiring international speakers from all over the world, which included:

Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron. Photo credit: VivaTech

The president of France focused on the Artificial Intelligence landscape in his country, announcing that they would invest an additional €500 million to keep up with the fast pace of the AI development race. To sum it up in his own words: “Make France an AI champion!

Elon Musk

Elon Musk. Photo credit: VivaTech

The CEO of Tesla, SpaceX & CTO of Twitter certainly doesn’t need any introduction. While he can be a somewhat polarising figure, Elon enjoyed an overwhelmingly warm and loud reception at the event.

He spoke about the core missions of the companies he leads and even touched upon the importance of finding out more about the nature of the universe and the meaning of life.

Regarding Artificial Intelligence, Elon explained that “AI is the most disruptive technology ever. I think we live in the most interesting of times.” His business advice for young people was to:

Focus on something that you are personally passionate about. It doesn’t have to be high-tech, but you have to love it. It’s hard to gauge what other people will love, but if you absolutely can’t wait for your product to be on the market, you are going in the right direction.

The list of speakers also included:

  • Marc Benioff, CEO & Co-founder of Salesforce
  • Lee Young, Republic of Korea Ministry of SMEs and Startups
  • Yann Lecun, Meta & NYU Chief AI Scientist
  • Peggy Johnson, CEO of MagicLeap
  • Bertrand Dumazy, CEO of Edenred

Check out all the speakers at VivaTech 2023.

VivaTech2023: HR sessions and topics that piqued our attention

The first day of the event was all about the HR summit, where the brightest minds explored the new role of HR in the future of work and the type of challenges people in this field will face in 2023.

Here are some of the sessions that caught our eye:

The New Human Age: Why Tech Advances Strengthen the Need for Human Skills

As machines, robots, algorithms, and AI find more and more room in the workplace, the need for employees — including people managers — to develop human skills like verbal and non-verbal communication, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution will become imperative.

Key speakers: Ana Paula De Jesus Assis, Chair and General Manager EMEA at IBM; Bob Moritz, Global Chairman at PwC; Jonas Prising, Chairman & CEO of ManpowerGroup

Humans Rising: The Next Age of the World of Work

In a world where the way we work is changing dramatically due to automation and AI, workers are seeking autonomy, fulfillment, and purpose. To find the right balance between adopting new technologies and prioritizing employees, companies need to focus on a sense of community and leverage the innate human ingenuity.

Key speakers: Bertrand Dumazy, CEO of Edenred

(When) Will Generative AI Take Over Your Job?

Keeping track of what’s real and the type of upskilling & reskilling necessary are only a couple of the issues related to the rapid emergence of generative AI. The sessions explore these issues as well as other challenges that will define the new look of jobs once AI is fully rolled out.

Key speakers: Charlie Beckett, LSE Professor; Gina Neff, Executive Director at the Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy; François-Xavier Pierrel, Group Chief Data Officer at JCDecaux

Scaling Culture for Global Growth: Learnings from a Fast-Growing Company

By exploring the journey of Alan, the audience learned how prioritizing culture and understanding how to define, develop, and maintain it — especially in fast-growing companies — has a fundamental impact on business success and stability.

Key speakers: Paul Sauveplane, Chief Corporate and People Officer at Alan

Talent with Values: What Do Workers Want?

Modern workers are no longer looking only at wages and benefits. They want a sense of contributing to a larger meaningful goal, to our society, and the environment. And to attract top talent, organizations need to find creative ways of integrating and measuring social value into their work culture.

Key speakers: Maud Alvarez-Pereyre, Chief People & Transformation Officer at LVMH Group; Becky Frankiewicz, President NA & Chief Commercial Officer at ManpowerGroup; Josh Graff, Managing Director EMEA/LATAM & VP Global Enterprise at LinkedIn; Anne-Gabrielle Heilbronner, Member of the Directoire at Publicis Group; Victoria Turk, Features Director at Rest of World

It was such a great experience participating in the biggest start-up and tech event in Europe! We’d like to once again extend our heartfelt thanks to Orange, who invited us, and we look forward to keep contributing to a world of work that looks set for a revolution.

Find out more about Nestor’s skills-based platform and how your organization can ensure the right people are in the right place and have the right opportunities to perform at their best. Schedule a demo to learn more.

Make smart, fast, and confident decisions with Nestor's skills-based talent management solutions

Make smart, fast, and confident decisions with Nestor's skills-based talent management solutions