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1 HR Conference a Month You Shouldn’t Miss This Year to Meet the Most Influential HR Voices

top HR conferences 2023

For HR professionals, participating in a HR conference is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the latest trends and developments in their field. It’s an opportunity to see what has changed and why, what new technologies and methodologies are reshaping the world of work, and how other companies and HR departments are adapting.

These in-person or virtual events also present unique networking opportunities and the chance to share learnings, discuss potential partnerships, and get insights or solutions for your challenges as an HR specialist.

This is why we’ve looked at some of the top HR conferences announced in 2023 and highlighted the information you need to decide if you want to participate and when.

February: HR Technology Conference – Virtual 2023

top HR conference in 2023 - HR Technology Virtual event

The HR Technology Conference represents an opportunity to learn from the top minds in this field. During the conference, participants will discover new ways to leverage technology and stay ahead of the latest trends in HR.

The HR Technology Conference is a 3-day online event, with 2 important keynotes every day and multiple interactive sessions focused on strategies for the current period of unpredictability.

Learn more about the HR Technology Conference.

  • Registration: Free for qualified HR professionals, but required in advance
  • Event type: Online
  • Dates: Feb 28 – March 2, 2023
  • Organizer: HR Executive
  • Key speakers: Josh Bersin, Dr. Denise Caleb, Larry McAlister, etc.

Josh Bersin is an author, global industry analyst, and thought leader in HR. He studies and offers valuable insights into business leadership, corporate L&D, recruiting, and HR technology.

Dr. Denise Caleb is the president of the Human Resources Standards Institute (HRSI). She has vast experience in leading and transforming HR teams and initiatives.

Larry McAlister is the founder of The Corporate Humanist Consultancy and best-selling author. He is a visionary leader and expert in the HR space.

March: Transform 2023

top HR conference in 2023 - Transform 2023

Transform 2023 aims to bring together thought leaders, industry experts, and the latest technologies that will redefine the HR world. During this conference, participants will enjoy numerous networking opportunities and hands-on learning experiences.

This year also marks a special occasion: the launch of the Transform Awards, which highlight the most innovative and successful people, programs, or practices in the world of work.

Learn more about the Transform 2023 conference.

  • Early-bird Registration (1): 1,595­ (deadline March 10)
  • Early-bird Registration (2): 1,795 USD (deadline March 26)
  • On-site registration: 1,995 USD
  • Event type: In-person
  • Location: Las Vegas, the US
  • Dates: 27­–29 March 2023
  • Organizer: HR Transform
  • Key speakers: Andrew Bartlow, Jolen Anderson, John Boudreau, etc.

Andrew Bartlow is the co-founder and managing partner at People Leader Accelerator. He has over 25 years of HR experience and helps HR professionals master stakeholder-driven decision-making.

Jolen Anderson is the Global Head Of Human Resources at the Bank of New York (BNY) Mellon. She is an experienced leader who helps develop business-focused solutions.

John Boudreau is a senior research scientist and Professor Emeritus at the University of Southern California. He is recognized worldwide for breakthrough research on the bridge between superior human capital, talent, and sustainable competitive advantage.

April: Unleash America

top HR conference in 2023 - Unleash America 2023

The Unleash America conference also referred to as “The International Festival of HR”, is a major marketplace where innovators, startups, and leading employers from all over the world meet to do business, get inspired by unique stories and stay up to date with the latest HR innovations.

Learn more about the Unleash America conference.

  • Registration: 1,695 USD
  • Event type: In-person
  • Location: Las Vegas, the US
  • Dates: 26­–27 April 2023
  • Organizer: Unleash
  • Key speakers: Erin Meyer, Josh Bersin, etc.

Erin Meyer is a professor at INSEAD and New York Times best-selling author. She offers top insights into cultural differences and helps organizations overcome cross-cultural complexities.

Josh Bersin is an author, global industry analyst, and thought leader in HR. He studies and offers valuable insights into business leadership, corporate L&D, recruiting, and HR technology.

May: Reworked CONNECT

top HR conference in 2023 - Reworked 2023

The Reworked CONNECT conference is aimed at mid-to-senior level professionals from various fields, including Human Resources and Information Technology. The conference will allow participants to explore topics like leadership in modern organizations, employee experience, the digital workplace, and the future of work.

During this event, guests will discover the secrets behind some of the most productive modern workplaces and practical insights from peers. All while being encouraged to network in a friendly and collaborative environment.

Learn more about the Reworked CONNECT conference.

  • Standard Registration: 2,395 USD (reduced to 1,995 USD until February 28)
  • VIP Registration: 2,995 (reduced to 2,795 USD until February 28)
  • Event type: In-person
  • Location: Austin, Texas, the US
  • Dates: 10–12 May 2023
  • Organizer: Reworked
  • Key speakers: Kristine Dery, Scott Galloway, etc.

Kristine Dery is a professor of Work, Technology, and Innovation at Macquarie University and a former research scientist at MIT. She explores new ways of working and creating employee experiences.

Scott Galloway is the founder of Section4 and a clinical professor at New York University (NYU). He has years of experience teaching brand strategy and digital marketing.

June: SHRM Annual Conference & Expo 2023

top HR conference in 2023 - SHRM 2023

This year, SHRM celebrates the 75th anniversary of its Annual Conference & Expo; a unique event where guests can learn how to implement the right changes in the workplace in a world where new technologies and business trends show no sign of slowing down.

The conference is all about understanding how vision, connections, commitment, and access to the right resources can give you an edge in the HR world.

Learn more about the SHRM Annual Conference & Expo 2023.

  • In-person event registration: 1,995–2,695 USD (full event) or 695–1,095 USD (day pass)
  • Online event registration: 1,195–1,795 USD (full event)
  • Event type: In-person & online
  • Location: Las Vegas, the US
  • Dates: 11–14 June 2023
  • Organizer: The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • Key speakers: Steve Browne, Vivian Hairston Blade, Raymond Lee, etc.

Steve Browne is the Chief People Officer at LaRosa’s Pizzeria and an active member of SHRM, where he has occupied different leadership roles over the last 18 years. He has over 30 years of experience in HR.

Vivian Hairston Blade is a resilience & inclusive leadership expert and a best-selling author. She was named one of the Top 100 HR Influencers in 2021.

Raymond Lee is the founder and president of Careerminds. He is an outplacement expert who enjoys helping people secure their dreams.

July: The Future of Performance Management

HR.com virtual events

This virtual event will focus on performance management (PM), one of the pillars of successful HR and business strategies. Speakers and participants will explore the impact of the pandemic on PM, the current status of this process, and how it could evolve in the future.

During this virtual event, guests will also understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to PM and will have a closer look at companies that have successful performance management systems.

Learn more about The Future of Performance Management virtual event.

  • Registration: Free
  • Event type: Online
  • Dates: 12-13 July 2023
  • Organizer: HR.com
  • Key speakers: Speakers not announced yet

August: Use Tech & Data to Enhance the Employee Experience

top online HR conference in 2023 - Human Capital Institute Virtual events

The online event will include virtual networking opportunities and access to HCI’s digital resource center with keynote videos and slides.

Throughout the conference, participants will explore how to use data and analytics to make informed decisions and improve the employee experience. They will also learn how to use specific data points, pulse surveys, and technology to enhance the overall satisfaction and sentiment of their workforce.

Learn more about the Use Tech & Data to Enhance the Employee Experience virtual conference.

  • Registration: 195 USD
  • Event type: Online
  • Date: 23 Aug 2023
  • Organizer: Human Capital Institute (HCI)
  • Key speakers: Speakers not announced yet

September: Gartner ReimagineHR Conference

top HR conference in 2023 - Gartner Reimagine HR 2023

The annual Gartner ReimagineHR Conferences are the perfect chance to get insights from Gartner experts, peers, and various HR solution providers.

In addition to the learning and networking opportunities, participants will also enjoy access to one-on-one meetings, powerful keynotes, an exhibit showcase, and a wide range of other types of sessions.

Learn more about Gartner’s ReimagineHR Conference.

  • Early-bird registration: 3,100 EUR + VAT
  • Standard registration: 3,550 EUR + VAT
  • Public sector registration: 2,775 EUR + VAT
  • Event type: In-person
  • Location: London, the UK
  • Dates: 11–12 September 2023
  • Organizer: Gartner
  • Key speakers: Speakers not announced yet

October: HR Vision London

top HR conference in 2023 - HR Vision London

HR Vision London is a conference where HR leaders from all over the world can gather and discuss the impact of AI, machine learning, and other technologies on modern people management processes.

Guests will also explore how, despite growing digitalization and automatization, they can still envision and design a people-centered work environment.

Learn more about the HR Vision conference in London.

  • Early-bird registration: 1,500 GBP (for HR practitioners)
  • Standard registration: 2,500 GBP (for HR practitioners)
  • Event type: In-person
  • Location: London, the UK
  • Dates: 4–5 Oct 2023
  • Organizer: HR Vision
  • Key speakers: Speakers not announced yet

November: People 2030 Conference

Conference Board events

The People 2030 Conference will be an event where thought leaders and industry experts will address the new workforce challenges — brought to light or created by the pandemic and the economic situation — and look at efficient ways of developing a sustainable workforce and work environment.

Learn more about the People 2030 Conference.

  • Early-bird registration: 1,495 USD (deadline September 15)
  • Standard registration: 1,995 USD
  • Event type: In-person
  • Location: New York, the US
  • Dates: 2–3 Nov 2023
  • Organizer: The Conference Board
  • Key speakers: Speakers not announced yet

December: 2023 Dec Virtual – The Arc of Change for People and Culture in 2024

From Day One virtual events

The goal of the 2023 Dec Virtual conference is to look at the current trends and emerging patterns in the workplace and find the best ways to prepare for a 2024 year that could be just as unpredictable and full of surprises.

The main topics of discussion will be diversity and inclusion, talent acquisition, employee rewards, learning and development, social responsibility, and sustainability.

Learn more about the 2023 Dec Virtual conference.

  • Registration: Free
  • Event type: Online
  • Dates: 13 Dec 2023
  • Organizer: From Day One
  • Key speakers: Steven Courington, Lydia Dishman, etc.

Steven Courington is a Board Member at Plexus LGBT and the Allied Chamber of Commerce. He is an experienced head of talent management and leadership development, having worked at multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Lydia Dishman is a senior editor, of growth & engagement, at Fast Company. She has years of experience and knowledge as a content strategist, speaker, and mentor.

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