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Visible business results with more transparency and trust

Increase business outcomes with less management, but more trust. Nestor helps you adapt performance management so that it supports an ongoing method of clarifying expectations and reviewing the progress on objectives in a constructive, future-oriented way.

Top performers want accountability – empower them with Nestor.

Keep your team focused, engaged, and aligned with OKRs

Nestor helps adapt your performance management process so that you can increase accountability, engagement and setup clear priorities. The Objectives and Key Results (OKR) goal-setting methodology keeps everyone aligned through personal, team, and company-wide objectives.

Focus on measurable results

Connecting day-to-day activities with measurable results keeps people focused and motivated to work towards a common goal. With Nestor, everyone can create, track and update OKRs. Real-time statuses (At Risk, Behind, On Track and Exceeded) will reflect how far you are in achieving your final goals as an individual, team or company-wide.

Increase motivation with regular check-ins

Nestor’s regular check-ins is an ongoing method of clarifying expectations, reviewing the progress in a constructive, future-oriented way. People feel productive and motivated when they hit their short-term milestones. Everyone can check-in their progress in a matter of seconds.

Effective 1:1 conversations

Make the most of your one on one meetings with a lightweight structure and in the moment feedback loops. Each 1:1 has a collaborative way of setting conversation topics, setup actions, take meeting notes and give feedback. Nestor Coaching Assistant automatically nudges attendees with proposed conversation topics, growth updates and praise opportunities.

Set clear expectations with action-based plans

Employees want their manager to provide clear expectations and help them prioritize what they should do next. They need their manager to know what they are working on and to coach them toward excellence, because talented and dedicated employees want to be held accountable for their performance. Nestor’s 1:1 structure for meetings has a clear and intuitive way of setting action plans for future follow-up.

Collaborate better and communicate easier

Collaborative objectives in Nestor enable teams to align and work together to pursue company initiatives. When people are aware of what needs to be done and whom may impact, they better work together to achieve team and company-wide objectives.
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