Nestor has been named an EMEA Technology Fast 500 Winner by Deloitte<br />
Nestor has been named an EMEA Technology Fast 500 Winner by Deloitte
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Build high-performing teams and drive business success

Increase business outcomes with less management, but more trust. Adapt your performance management so that it supports an ongoing method of clarifying expectations and reviewing the progress on objectives in a constructive, future-oriented way.

Visible business results with more transparency and trust

Lead teams forward by setting clear business goals, encouraging meaningful work and focusing on getting things done.

Discover your people's full potential and accelerate business growth with an easy continuous performance management process - set clear goals and OKRs measured by custom metrics, constantly align your teams through regular check-ins, access real-time and anytime results to make fast and informed decisions.

Build trustful relationships at work. Empower your people to become a better version of themselves and exceed their business, team and individual goals.

Focus on measurable results and clear outcomes

Connecting day-to-day activities with measurable results keeps people focused and motivated to work towards a common goal. With Nestor, everyone can create, track and update OKRs. Real-time statuses will reflect how far you are in achieving your final goals as an individual, team or company-wide.

Make decisions based on real-time leadership insights

Capture a holistic view on your organizational performance and get detailed insights at any specific time by slicing and dicing performance data based on your focus areas. Adapt to ever changing reality and make decisions based on powerful and real-time insights, charts and heatmaps.

Foster collaboration, agility and alignment with OKRs


People want a job that feels meaningful. They need to be able to clearly see how their role contributes to the success of their team and organization.

Spark and sustain business growth by making a habit of setting, tracking and exceeding objectives, and keep your people aligned with business priorities. Be the author of what progress means to your business success with flexible and tailored metrics, defined by you and for your unique culture.

Anticipate progress and act on the go. Stay focused on what matters by making decisions based on real-time results.

Increase motivation with regular check-ins


Nestor’s regular check-ins is an ongoing method of clarifying expectations, reviewing the progress in a constructive, future-oriented way. People feel productive and motivated when they hit their short-term milestones. Everyone can check-in their progress in a matter of seconds.

Celebrate a goals review session with a reflection loop. Contemplate on past activity and progress, identify and conclude on what worked well and lessons learned. Optimize and move forward with an action plan, backed by a scientifically confirmed self-evaluation and goal closing questionnaire.

Run performance reviews people love


Performance is not an episodic event, it happens every day. Transform your performance reviews into an ongoing lean process fostered by empathy, growth mindset and agility. Focus on having meaningful performance review conversations while Nestor gives you easy, on the go access to custom insights, past activity and notes.

Create the space for increasing self-awareness through self-evaluations alongside the manager’s perspective on job performance.

Communicate easier and get clarity in your meetings


Collaborative objectives enable teams to align and work together to pursue company initiatives. When people are aware of what needs to be done and whom may impact, they better work together to achieve team and company-wide objectives.

Discuss updates on progress, share news and wins with your teammates. Collaborate on finding solutions to eliminate roadblocks, identify focus and set clear actions for everyone.

Stop, connect and have meaningful conversations


Enable managers to focus on supporting their people's growth by offering constructive, on the go feedback and coaching for performance. Employees need to know that their manager cares about them as a person, knows what they are working on and is available to them when they need support.

Build psychological safety through meaningful conversations.
Connect regularly with your people to get to know their authentic selves and discover their potential. Use the feedforward technique to guide your people in achieving meaningful goals, overcoming challenges and identifying future-oriented solutions. Create collaborative agendas, give in the moment feedback and take meeting notes for future reference and follow-up. And all these with integrated behavioral drivers and coaching routines.

Accelerate potential with continuous feedback loops


Encourage growth and authentic leadership by being genuine and real. Close the gaps with up to four perspectives when launching feedback loops: self, leader, peers and direct reports, integrated with real time tailored metrics and suggestions for giving and requesting feedback.

Leave the admin and unpleasant work behind. Accelerate everyone’s potential with customizable feedback templates, growth indicators and calculation matrices tailored to your culture needs.

Spotlight your employees for their impact on business success


Encourage positive behaviors by openly celebrating success with your team. Next time somebody scores the smallest win, take a moment and send a genuine kudos to them and celebrate together!

Build reports that tell you a complete story


Strive for excellence and take the pulse of your organization with detailed reports based on focus areas, goals and OKRs progress, team overload, activity and many more.

Slice and dice data, connect valuable insights and act upon supporting your people and company culture.

Users love Nestor

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Excellent customer support; they are always prompt and very helpful, and open to suggestions.
Cristina A., Financial Services
All deliverables ready on time, great communication, highly responsive to our requests and we appreciated also the consultancy part of our collaboration.
Andreea R., IT&C
The platform is user-friendly and highly customizable. The customer support is amazing - the team at Nestor always helps us adapt the system based on our needs.
Luiza S., Financial Services
Make smart, fast, and confident decisions with Nestor's skills-based talent management solutions

Make smart, fast, and confident decisions with Nestor's skills-based talent management solutions