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Growth & Development

Build the workforce of tomorrow, today

Accelerate your employees’ potential and prepare them for the future of work by skilling, upskilling and reskilling them in an ongoing way. Increase workforce agility and align your people strategy with business priorities.

Empower people to draw their own career path

Cultivate a culture of lifelong learning. Include coaching in your daily practice and guide your people to choose their own development path.

Upskill and Reskill your employees at scale

Map your people’s key and future-oriented skills and align them with your business strategy. Identify skill gaps and act on skilling, upskilling and reskilling your people by building microlearning habits.

Make your people accountable for their growth and create visibility around their career paths. Spot career growth opportunities and guide your people toward taking the next steps to succeed while sharing and inspiring other teammates with their success stories.

Agile workforce development aligned with business priorities

Drive business impact by connecting talents and development goals with business strategy.

Empower your managers to actively contribute to people's growth and promote coaching as a leadership style. Set clear growth objectives and make available actionable learning resources to everyone. Build capabilities maps and link people’s skills to their personal Growth Plans. Nestor helps you easily track and evaluate growth using proficiency levels that everyone can relate to.

Encourage your people to develop self-leadership competencies

Discover and understand your employees’ behaviors and encourage culture boosting habits people actually embrace and resonate with.

Increase productivity and teamwork by encouraging self-leadership and by building trust amongst people and teams.

Empower managers to coach

Equip leaders with necessary tools to coach their people and easily turn insights and advice into powerful actions.
Guide your people to identify their core values and key strengths supporting their growth. Use leadership tools such as Nestor people work values and Nestor situational leadership assessments to understand your people’s behaviors and how they work together as a team.

Grow your managers into coaches with actionable coaching nudges for future 1:1 conversations. Get real-time advice on how to interact with each of your team members based on goals set, working habits, work values, engagement and motivation.

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Leadership insights and coaching nudges

Guide your managers to gain the right mindset for handling challenging subjects and holding the space for their people.

Facilitate 1:1 interactions and be prepared for a meaningful conversation with ready-to-use templates for 1:1s, powerful coaching nudges, collaborative agenda topics and many more. Use this time to connect with your people and support their ongoing growth.

Learn more about Nestor Coaching Assistant

Discover people strengths and growth areas

Support your people to discover new perspectives and decide what they want to improve using highly customizable templates for giving and receiving real-time feedback. Easily set and run unbiased 360° feedback from Self, Manager, Peers and Direct reports perspectives, integrated with tailored metrics and powerful insights for each individual.

Accelerate your people’s potential by embracing the feedforward technique, bringing onto the table future-oriented solutions and perspectives supporting your people’s continuous growth and development.

Continuous leadership development

Discover different perspectives and growth areas, and identify critical gaps. Multiply growth areas for leaders through customizable action-effect pulse questions and support their ongoing leadership development with actionable insinghts.

With simple steps, launch ready-to-use multi-stage pulse surveys and promote a culture of leadership through continuous action plans. Effortlessly assess the immediate impact of your actions as a manager on your people’s behaviors, performance and development and mind the gap.

Empower your people to work better, happier and with purpose
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