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Coaching for performance

Empower managers to coach

Nestor brings coaching in the workplace in a more assisted way. It automatically helps managers to coach their people for performance, enhance a leadership culture through coaching practices and leadership tools.

Coaching for performance

Coaching in the workplace encourages individuals to solve problems for themselves rather than pass them back to their manager. Employees want their manager to provide clear expectations and help them prioritize what they should do next. They need their manager to know what they are working on and to coach them toward excellence, because talented and dedicated employees want to be held accountable for their performance.Nestor encourages managers and team leaders to take the role of a coach and help another person set and achieve personal objectives and deliver the results the organization needs.

Nestor guides managers on how to handle difficult conversations with employees

Nestor helps managers with in-the-moment advice on how to handle difficult and challenging conversations with employees - from performance improvement to personal and career growth.

Regular coaching sessions

When it comes to coaching in the workplace, setting the right expectations is critical to build trust and foster a culture of leadership. Setting a coaching routine helps both, managers and employees, set a clear view of upcoming interactions.

Run regular feedback loops

Feedback loops provide people with information about their actions in real time and Nestor encourages managers to help people come with actions for pursuing better and productive behaviors.
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