Career Development & Growth Journeys

Limitless opportunities for a future-ready workforce

Accelerate your people’s potential and prepare them for the future of work with ongoing upskilling and reskilling initiatives. Help each individual design their own growth journeys and contribute to the success of the organization.

Skills-based development frameworks


Help your employees craft compelling development plans focused on skill acquisition and growth. With Nestor, seamlessly connect people's skills to their individual plans and empower managers to actively contribute to each employee's unique needs by setting up tailored development goals and growth initiatives.

Empower people to take ownership of their growth


Effective 1:1 career conversations support your employees in their growth journeys. Nestor is the perfect place where managers and their direct reports can discuss career aspirations and goals, and share in-the-moment feedback focused on identifying areas of improvement and achieving long-term career growth.

Discover people strengths and growth areas


Use real-time feedback from managers, peers, and self-assessments to tap into multiple perspectives and support your people's continuous growth. Understand both people’s strengths and skills gaps and guide them with suggested actions to further develop their competencies and knowledge.

Surface limitless career opportunities


Make vertical or lateral moves visible to everyone and give individuals the flexibility to pursue different career paths as their interests, skills, and goals evolve. Connect your employees with new job opportunities that match their skills profile and help them understand how to upskill or reskill to further pivot, grow, and stretch inside the company.

Prepare the future leaders


Identify the most suitable candidates in your organization who have the potential and desire to fill key leadership positions in the future. Provide your employees with clear development frameworks, growth actions, and development opportunities to expand and level up their skills so they are ready to advance to the next role.

Over 25% of employees experienced a career change within Orange. The Nestor platform has been implemented throughout the company, with every department, manager, and employee having access to it."

Luiza Muller,
HR Director, Orange
Users love Nestor

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Excellent customer support; they are always prompt and very helpful, and open to suggestions.
Cristina A., Financial Services
All deliverables ready on time, great communication, highly responsive to our requests and we appreciated also the consultancy part of our collaboration.
Andreea R., IT&C
The platform is user-friendly and highly customizable. The customer support is amazing - the team at Nestor always helps us adapt the system based on our needs.
Luiza S., Financial Services
Make smart, fast, and confident decisions with Nestor's skills-based talent management solutions

Make smart, fast, and confident decisions with Nestor's skills-based talent management solutions