Nestor has been named an EMEA Technology Fast 500 Winner by Deloitte<br />
Nestor has been named an EMEA Technology Fast 500 Winner by Deloitte
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Highlights from UNLEASH America 2024

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Unleash Recap 2024

This year’s conference, hosted in Las Vegas from May 7th to 9th, served as a bustling gathering point for more than 10,000 leaders and visionaries worldwide. Representatives from Fortune 500 companies to budding startups convened with a common goal: to absorb, exchange, and influence the future landscape of work. The conference proved to be an enriching experience, with a strong focus on skills-based hiring and AI advancements.

The agenda prominently featured sessions on the integration of generative AI across various organizational processes, spanning from high-volume hiring to learning and development and even payroll management. This keen interest reflects organizations’ growing eagerness to leverage AI technologies for enhanced efficiency and innovation. This year’s keynotes featured: 

Day one:

  • Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, delivered an impactful session titled “Revolutionizing Human Resources: Navigating the Future with Innovative HR Technologies.” In his concise 30-minute talk, Eubanks emphasized the critical role of HR technology in modern talent strategies. He tackled key topics such as AI in talent acquisition, data-driven employee analytics, and the strategic deployment of tools across organizations.
  • Kyle Lagunas, Head of Strategy & Principal Analyst at Aptitude Research, discussed “Navigating the Future – Embracing Digital Transformation.” He highlighted three key HR trends: increased investment in AI (61% of companies), adoption of skills-based strategies (43% of companies), and the importance of strategic workforce planning (48% of companies reported SWP as having the greatest impact on transformation).
  • Prena Ajmera, GM HR Digital Strategy & Innovation at Microsoft, delved into the significance of AI in HR, emphasizing the transformative potential of AI, stating, “Every act, every task that we do… It’s really a revolution versus the incremental gains that we have typically seen technology deliver. That’s where I see we are just getting started, and as we look at every function within HR, every task and workflow, and more importantly the way we are talking about HR helps the business transform – that’s at the heart of where the technology needs to be.”

Day two:

  • Dr. Kirstin Ferguson addressed the age-old question: Heart or head in leadership? She urged the audience to find balance and offered insights, emphasizing situational awareness and humility. She introduced the ‘word-to-wisdom ratio’ concept, leaving attendees pondering three questions: Heart or head? Word-to-wisdom ratio? And, how to grow further?
  • Wendy Mayer, Pfizer’s VP of Candidate Experience, emphasized AI’s role in decision-making and job enhancement. Pfizer’s AI adoption journey taught the importance of managing AI’s unpredictability and collaborating with vendors to leverage expertise effectively. Understanding algorithms and data sources was crucial for successful implementation.
  • Josh Bersin, CEO of The Josh Bersin Company, discussed four AI applications for HR leaders: talent intelligence, recruiting, employee experience, and learning & development. He emphasized the importance of understanding AI’s nature and impact, urging leaders to explore existing use cases and ask questions.

Day three:

  • Peter Lynch, Chief People Officer at Cardinal Group Management, discussed “The Age of Authenticity” at a session, emphasizing its impact on leadership and corporate culture. Lynch shared insights from his leadership model, highlighting the importance of embracing flaws. Under his guidance, HR at Cardinal Group Management achieved significant profit growth and top 1% status in reducing attrition among Multifamily real estate companies.
  • Michael H. Schneider, FBI’s Chief Human Capital Officer and Assistant Director, stressed the importance of embracing diversity without excuses. He explained that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) at the FBI aim to create an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive. However, he noted challenges in hiring diverse talent due to strict screening processes like background checks and drug tests, which shrink the applicant pool quickly.
  • Magic Johnson, former basketball star and Guggenheim Baseball Management founder, emphasized adaptability in his Main Stage talk. He stressed the value of mentorship and applying teamwork lessons from sports to business. Johnson urged HR leaders to embrace change, stating, “HR, like everything else, is changing.”

Nestor at UNLEASH

Nestor’s team attended UNLEASH America with enthusiasm, eager to engage with customers, partners, and HR tech analysts.

There, our booth became a lively hub where we delighted attendees with an exciting giveaway and distributed fun, eye-catching stickers. The lively atmosphere was complemented by insightful discussions with visitors, where we explored the future of skills management and talent development. We were also honored to welcome several speakers at our booth, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and learning.

A highlight of the event was when our co-founder, Bogdan Apostol, participated in a quick yet impactful interview with Chris Russell, a renowned digital recruiting expert specializing in talent acquisition through advanced recruitment technology, marketing, and employer branding. This interview shed light on the transformative capabilities of Nestor, our cutting-edge skills-based talent management platform and how we unlock workforce potential by leveraging a vast skills library covering 20,000+ skills and 14,000+ job roles across 15 industries, enhanced by AI suggestions.

For those who couldn’t attend, we showed at the event how our services help organizations effortlessly identify, activate, and leverage hidden skills to drive performance, innovation, and growth. Our comprehensive suite of solutions includes:

AI Skills Management: Harness the power of artificial intelligence to manage and optimize your workforce’s skills.

🕵️ Talent & Opportunity Marketplace: Connect talent with the right opportunities within your organization.

🚀 Skills-Driven Performance Management: Enhance performance through a skills-focused approach.

🌱 Talent Development: Foster continuous growth and development within your team.

If you couldn’t attend Unleash, don’t fret! You can schedule a demo with us at any time to explore how our innovative solutions can benefit your organization. We are excited to continue the conversation and help you unlock the full potential of your talent.

Nestor introduced Skills Market Libraries and AI Suggestions

At the event, Nestor introduced Skills Market Libraries and AI Suggestions, designed to revolutionize talent management.

With an extensive database covering over 20,000 skills and mapping to more than 14,000 job roles across 15 industries, Nestor’s platform equips HR leaders with invaluable insights. These insights empower decision-making processes, enabling organizations to align their talent strategies with business objectives effectively.

Powered by advanced AI technology, Nestor’s AI Suggestions deliver personalized recommendations. These include insights into emerging skills, development opportunities, and strategies for maintaining an up-to-date skills repository. By harnessing the power of AI, organizations can proactively address skill gaps and ensure their workforce remains competitive in an ever-evolving landscape.

At Nestor, we recognize the importance of staying ahead of industry trends. Our platform not only identifies current skill sets but also forecasts future skill requirements. This proactive approach ensures that organizations can adapt and thrive in the digital age, fostering agility and sustained success.

Winners of the Nestor giveaway

We were delighted to announce the distinguished winners of our exclusive giveaway: Greg Brenner, Jessica Onthank, and AJ Mackintosh. They have been awarded coveted yearly subscriptions to the esteemed Josh Bersin Academy, marking a significant milestone in their professional development journey. The event was elevated by the esteemed presence of Josh Bersin himself and Kyle Morrow, representing the Josh Bersin Company. Their participation added a layer of prestige and insight to our celebration, emphasizing the importance of innovation, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in today’s dynamic professional landscape.

Moreover, we wish to express our profound gratitude to all who joined us on this exhilarating journey of exploration and growth. Your unwavering support and enthusiasm have been integral to our community’s success, and we are deeply appreciative of your continued engagement and involvement.

More about Nestor

Nestor is a Skills-based talent management platform that helps HR and business leaders identify, activate, and strategically deploy skills within their organization to drive peak performance, innovation, and growth.

With a market library of over 20,000 skills enhanced by Nestor’s AI skills suggestions, you gain unprecedented visibility into your people’s capabilities and dynamic mapping of their skills.

Our leading platform combines the tools, insights, and decision-making support you need to understand people’s strengths and skill gaps and leverage tailored learning recommendations to unlock hidden potential, in line with career and business goals.

Nestor’s Talent and Opportunity Marketplace helps connect talent with gigs, projects, or new open roles based on AI smart-matching, ensuring people with the right skills are in the right place at the right time.

Nestor is trusted by HR and people leaders in mid-to-large enterprises, including F500 companies, across the US, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Make smart, fast, and confident decisions with Nestor's skills-based talent management solutions

Make smart, fast, and confident decisions with Nestor's skills-based talent management solutions