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G2 Spring Awards: Nestor Ranked 1st Easiest to Use in Skills Management Software

G2 Spring reports

We are entering a new world of organizational design, where skills have become a critical point for companies that want to stay agile and competitive in the face of disruptions. With the frenzy to overcome a tight labor market and close the critical skills gaps, we strongly believe that skills are the key to transformation.

Our mission is to help organizations unlock the power of skills and set a strong foundation for effective talent strategies in line with the changing business needs. These strategies aim to drive organizational agility and equip people with the right set of skills and capabilities so they can perform at their best.

In light of this, we are proud to announce that Nestor was ranked #1 Easiest to Use Skills Management Software in the G2 Spring Reports 2023. Our platform received 25 badges and ranked high in 3 other categories, including Performance Management, OKRs, and Employee Engagement. These awards and industry recognition are based on feedback from real users through the official G2 review forms.

G2 Awards: High Performer in Grid® Report for Skills Management Category

Nestor has been recognized as a High Performer in the Skills Management category, in G2’s Spring 2023 Grid® Reports. Products in the High Performing quadrant in the Grid® Report are rated highly by G2 users and have substantial Satisfaction scores.

Nestor is also ranked #1 in the Ease of Use subcategory of Skills Management, with an overall Usability score of 9.1. The usability score is calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in real-user satisfaction ratings related to:

  • Ease of Admin
  • Ease of Use
  • Meets Requirements

Nestor also achieved the highest average user adoption rating in this category — an average of 91%.

Users in this category are likely to recommend Nestor at a rate of 100%.

G2 Awards: High Performer in Grid® Report for Performance Management Category

Nestor is a High Performer in the Performance Management category, with results above the industry average in key metrics:

  • Has the product been a good partner in doing business? Nestor 10.0 vs 9.1 industry average
  • Dashboards and reports: Nestor 9.7 vs 8.6 industry average
  • Historical data: Nestor 10.0 vs 8.7 industry average
  • 1-on-1 meetings: Nestor 9.9 vs 8.6 industry average

Users in this category said they would be likely to recommend Nestor at a rate of 98%.

G2 spring reports
G2 Spring reports

G2 Awards: Highest User Adoption in Grid® Report for Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) Category

In the OKRs category, Nestor was ranked #13 as the Easiest to Use out of 132 solutions and one of the highest-ranking products in terms of User Adoption, with about 90%. Users in this category said they would be likely to recommend Nestor at a rate of 98%.

We also received above-average scores:

  • Has the product been a good partner in doing business? Nestor 10.0 vs 9.3 industry average
  • Messaging integrations: Nestor 10.0 vs 8.6 industry average
  • Feedback: Nestor 9.7 vs 9.0 industry average
  • Action item creation: Nestor 10 vs 8.9 industry average

The badges we’ve won in this category are:

G2 Spring reports

G2 Awards: High Performer in Grid® Report for Employee Engagement Category

Nestor is also a High Performer in Employee Engagement, a category for which users would likely recommend Nestor at a rate of 100%. Here are our review scores compared to the industry average:

  • Has the product been a good partner in doing business? Nestor 10.0 vs 9.3 industry average
  • Performance: Nestor 10.0 vs 8.9 industry average
  • Integration APIs: Nestor 9.2 vs 8.5 industry average
  • Dashboards: Nestor 10.0 vs 8.7 industry average

In total, we have received 7 badges in this category:

G2 Awards: 100% of users who left reviews believe Nestor is headed in the right direction.

G2 showcases the finest products and services on the market each quarter, and these selections are made based on verified feedback from the most significant source — the customers. The G2 Grid® Reports for Skills Management, Performance Management, OKRs, and Employee Engagement reflect the viewpoints of genuine users of Nestor.

100% of these users believe Nestor is headed in the right direction. Receiving this type of reward and recognition is a reminder that we’re on the right track and that our clients see clear outcomes in using our People Intelligence Platform. That’s really something to be proud of! And it further continues our mission of helping companies worldwide prioritize skills-building initiatives that can lead to higher performance and organizational success.

To check reviews, or share your own feedback about Nestor, visit our official G2 page.

This is what our customers had to say about Nestor

“All in one platform for skills management, performance, and career development”

What do you like best about Nestor?

The platform is user-friendly and highly customizable. The customer support is amazing – the team at Nestor always helps us adapt the system based on our needs. The skills hub area is a great way for us to be confident about the capabilities we have at an organizational level and is a transparent way for our employees to self-evaluate their skills, get feedback from their colleagues and see their progress over time.

What do you dislike about Nestor?

Not sure I have something critical to say at the moment. Would be helpful to be able to self-customize all the emails we send to our employees. The team at Nestor is responsive to feedback coming from their customers, so I expect us to have great product updates going forward.

“An essential platform to track how your team is doing and help with growth”

What do you like best about Nestor?
Great way to have a high-level view over what are the skills within the team and how to best out of it. It also helps that I can easily see how they progress and what a manager can do to better impact the trajectory of each individual.

It also helps that the team at Nestor are always quick to respond to feedback and work with you to implement features that would make your life easier as a manager.

What do you dislike about Nestor?
There aren’t any things that I personally dislike, but some of the team find notifications to be too frequent. I think once you have gone over the onboarding period you get used to them and can tweak them to work around your use case.

About Nestor

Nestor is the People Intelligence Platform that helps organizations unlock the Power of Skills to drive workforce agility, high performance, and continuous growth. Nestor connects performance management, employee engagement, and career development through a skills-based approach to help HR and business leaders make talent decisions aligned with business priorities.

Our technology uses predictive analytics and nudging automation to empower each employee to take ownership of their own career, identify skills gaps, access new growth opportunities, get involved in cross-functional initiatives, and learn the skills that will help them succeed.

With a 98% adoption rate, Nestor is trusted by HR and people leaders in mid-to-large enterprises, including F500 companies, across the US, Latin America, and Europe.

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