G2 Fall Reports – Nestor shines in the G2 Star Rating with 4.9 out of 5 possible stars

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The G2 Fall Reports are out and we have tons of reasons to celebrate. Nestor has been ranked a High Performer in 5 different categories: Skills Management, Career Management, Performance Management, OKRs, and Employee Engagement, and has received 47 new badges. Additionally, Nestor is the #1 Easiest to Use Skills Management Software for a third consecutive quarter.

The G2 awards are based on input from real users, who submitted their opinions through official G2 review forms.

What is Nestor all about?

Our aim is to help HR and People Leaders unleash the limitless potential of their people and equip them with the right set of skills and development opportunities so they can perform at their best.

We bring together employee engagement, performance management, and career development and growth through a skills-based approach to help HR leaders in their mission to build talent strategies that enable higher transparency, better decision-making, and increased organizational agility in responding to business needs.

Our People Intelligence Platform provides visibility into workforce skills and capabilities, performance, engagement, and career aspirations and is emerging as the new must-have in the modern world of work. And the latest G2 Fall Reports are yet another proof in this direction.

G2 Fall Awards: Easiest to Use in Skills Management Category

Nestor is a High Performer and is leading the Skills Management category regarding Ease of Use out of 66 products listed in this segment on G2. We also received a score above the industry average in key features like:

  • Project planning: Nestor 10.0 vs. 8.3 industry average
  • Included framework: Nestor 9.8 vs. 8.8 industry average
  • Skill Mapping: Nestor 9.9 vs. 8.8 industry average

Nestor also achieved the highest Usability score in this category – 9.27 as a result of its Ease of use, administration, and adoption data. To find you more, visit G2 Fall Reports | Usability Index for Skills Management.

These results got us an astonishing number of 14 badges in this category:


G2 Fall Awards: High Performer in Grid® Report for Career Management Category

Nestor has entered the Career Management category as a High Performer and ranks among the top 5 software for the Ease to Use, with results above the industry average:

  • Integrations: Nestor 10.0 vs. 8.6 industry average
  • Employee Development: Nestor 9.8 vs. 8.9 industry average
  • Messaging: Nestor 10.0 vs. 8.5 industry average

In this new category, we received 4 badges:


G2 Fall Awards: High Performer in Grid® Report for Performance Management Category

Nestor is a High Performer and one of the top 10 highest rated Performance Management Systems. Key metrics include:

  • Dashboards and reports: Nestor 9.8 vs. 8.6 industry average
  • Historical data: Nestor 10.0 vs. 8.7 industry average
  • Continuous feedback: Nestor 10.0 vs. 8.7 industry average

The badges we’ve won in this category are:


G2 Fall Awards: High Performer in Grid® Report for Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) Category

OKRs are another category where our platform enjoys the High Performer status. Compared to the Summer Reports, Nestor climbed 4 positions in this category and reached the top 6 solutions considering the ease of use, out of a total of 134 listings. Nestor is also one of the top 5 highest-rated OKR platforms. Key metrics include:

  • Messaging integrations: Nestor 10.0 vs. 8.6 industry average
  • Feedback: Nestor 9.8 vs. 8.9 industry average
  • Action item creation: Nestor 9.9 vs. 8.9 industry average
  • User adoption: Nestor 89% vs. 73% industry average

Nestor also ranks high in terms of User Adoption with 90%, above the Average User adoption in its category, of 74%. These results got us a total number of 12 badges:


G2 Fall Awards: High Performer in Grid® Report for Employee Engagement Category

Nestor is also a High Performer in Employee Engagement, with a total of 10 badges won in this category. Here’s how our key metrics compare to industry averages:

  • Performance: Nestor 10.0 vs. 8.9 industry average
  • Integration APIs: Nestor 9.6 vs. 8.4 industry average
  • Dashboards: Nestor 10.0 vs. 8.7 industry average

Nestor also ranks high in terms of User Adoption with 89%, above the Average User adoption in its category, of 71%.


G2 Fall Reports 2023: Nestor receives additional recognition

Nestor’s journey to G2 recognition continues beyond the achievements presented above.

100% of G2 users believe Nestor is headed in the right direction and recognize the quality of the support

We’re glad to witness such positive reactions from our clients who see clear outcomes in using our People Intelligence Platform. This is yet another proof of our commitment to excellence and fulfillment of our promise.

Also, for each category stated above, we have scored high rates, in terms of Average User Adoption, on a range between 89% and 91%, well above the industry average.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars

Thanks to the excellent reviews of our incredible community, Nestor shines in the G2 Star Rating with 4.9 out of 5 possible stars. In addition, 98% of the reviewers indicate that they would likely recommend our People Intelligence Platform.

To check reviews, or share your own feedback about Nestor, visit our G2 profile.

Meet the 1st Easiest to Use Skills Management Software

Unlock the Power of Skills

Nestor’s skills management software helps you unlock the power of skills to drive organizational agility and empower your people to grow and expand their skill sets to meet the most pressing business needs.

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Make smart, fast, and confident decisions with Nestor's skills-based talent management solutions

Make smart, fast, and confident decisions with Nestor's skills-based talent management solutions