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Talent Marketplace

Have the right people with the right skills in the right place

Leverage skills to enable internal mobility, growth opportunities, and career development that match both, people’s interests and the fast-changing business needs.
Nestor talent marketplace

Over 25% of employees experienced a career change within Orange and more than 20% of the recruitment processes were closed with internal candidates. The Nestor platform has been implemented throughout the company, with every department, manager, and employee having access to it."

Luiza Muller,
HR Director, Orange
Increase in Career Moves
Increase in Internal Recruitment
Increase in Skills Development
Align your talent to business needs

Drive workforce agility

Build a highly adaptable workforce that aligns with your shifting business needs through ongoing upskilling and reskilling initiatives.

Deploy talent fast

Gain full visibility into your workforce's skills and dynamically redeploy people where your business needs them most.

Boost engagement and retention

Help people pivot in their roles, find best-fit growth opportunities and identify career paths that match their skills and interests.

Facilitate Internal Moves to Reduce Attrition

Employees who make internal moves have a 64% chance of remaining with an organization after three years. With Nestor, each employee is empowered to fulfill their career aspirations and find appropriate roles or projects that match or closely match their existing skills, needs and goals.

Unlock Hidden Potential

Leverage skills to create and manage dynamic talent pools of qualified but overlooked candidates. Match talent to the best-fit roles based on skills compatibility and people's desires and interests, and fill your open roles more efficiently.

Speed Up Innovation with dynamic Teams & Roles

Speed up innovation and agility by breaking down department silos and empowering employees to work across boundaries in cross-functional teams. Go beyond that and link their contribution to the operational goals assigned.

A Marketplace for all Opportunities

Enable on-the-job continuous learning and open internal initiatives and development opportunities to everyone. Whether it’s a gig, extra role assignment, or a learning initiative to develop new skills and knowledge, add all these initiatives as they arise into a single place.

Help your people find the right Mentors

Mentorship is a powerful way to foster connections and growth in the flow of work. Nestor supports your people to find and discover mentors based on career goals and aspirations and empowers leaders to leverage their expertise and knowledge to support their mentees.

Guide and Democratize Career Development

Put people at the helm of their career and give them the visibility they need to pursue flexible career paths and make vertical or lateral moves. Guide them with suggestions about new skills and steps they need to take to close the skills gaps and further pivot, grow and stretch inside the company.
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