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Skills & Competencies

Skills - the new operating model for work and the workforce

Map the current and future skills to have a clear view of your workforce capabilities and identify competency gaps.

Stop planning for headcount. Start planning for skills.

Map your people’s key and future-oriented skills and align them with your business strategy.

Our skills-based approach helps you identify evolving skill needs, track and evaluate skill levels. Match skill supply and demand, and develop both organizational and people capabilities through upskilling and reskilling programs.

Build a dynamic workplace and deploy talent fast

Identify skill gaps and performance trends

Gain organizational transparency of the current skills and competencies, skill levels and distribution, performance trends and skill gaps.

Set clear role expectations and enable career opportunities

Ensure your people know what is expected in their curent or future roles, and understand their path to career advancement.

Increase cross-functionality and talent mobility

Give your people the opportunity to switch roles, access and join part-time projects according to their unique skills, experiences, and goals.

Employee skills profiles

Make your people accountable for their growth and create visibility around their career paths. Spot career growth opportunities and guide your people toward taking the next steps to succeed while sharing and inspiring other teammates with their success stories.

Skill profiles enable individuals, managers and learning leaders to better assess skill levels and gaps, and build individual growth plans.

Tailored growth opportunities for each individual

To be successful, you need the right people with the right skills and capabilities in place.
Nestor's growth plans empower employees to drive their own career growth, map their development interests and pursue the right opportunities at the right time.

Encourage your people to develop self-leadership competencies

Discover and understand your employees’ behaviors and encourage culture boosting habits people actually embrace and resonate with.

Increase productivity and teamwork by encouraging self-leadership and by building trust amongst people and teams.

Grow your skills library with real-time peers suggestions

Keep your skills library alive by encouraging your people to send suggestions for critical skills needed based on their activity and make recommendations for other peers as well.
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We’re proud that our platform and our excellent customer service have been recognized by G2 as one of the top-notch products out there and the #1 easiest to use in Skills Management Software.
The skills hub area is a great way for us to be confident about the capabilities we have at an organizational level and for our employees to self-evaluate their skills, get feedback from their colleagues and see their progress over time.
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