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Skills Management

Skills - the new operating model for work and the workforce

Skills-first organizations build a more productive and competitive workforce by making skills their number one priority. With Nestor's skills management solutions, you can collect and visualize skills in real time, understand gaps and skill development needs, and make strategic decisions about your talent.

Stop planning for headcount. Start planning for skills.

Planning for headcount or jobs is fast becoming a thing of the past as they can't keep track of the fast-changing business needs.

An increasing emphasis on skills will help your organization gain agility in the face of the unknown, make talent decisions aligned with business priorities, and stay competitive in the future.

Build a dynamic workplace and deploy talent fast

Identify skill gaps and performance trends

Gain organizational transparency of the current skills and competencies, proficiency levels and distribution, performance trends and skill gaps.

Set clear role expectations and enable career opportunities

Ensure your people know what is expected in their current or future roles, and which pathways can help them achieve their career goals.

Increase cross-functionality and talent mobility

Give people the opportunity to switch roles, access and join part-time projects while learning new skills and enriching their experience.

Employee Skills Profile

See at a glance the types of skills required for each job role and their recommended proficiency levels according to different career stages.

Make job expectations crystal clear and let your employees know which skills and competencies they need to succeed in their current roles or for future career moves.

A comprehensive skills framework

Nestor's solution and a well-designed process for skills management will help you collect and organize all skills content in an easy manner, following the best practices.

Our skills framework provides the structure needed to list job-related skills validated with employers and key stakeholders, easily assign them to jobs, list them into categories, and add detailed descriptions and attributes.

Ensure you have the right skills to succeed

Don't let employees with outdated skills or inaccurate levels of expertise affect your productivity and competitiveness in the market.

Choose from multiple skill assessments like self-review, manager review or peers' endorsements to validate the level of expertise your workforce has and plan for future development.

Tailored growth opportunities for each individual

To be successful, you need the right people with the right skills and capabilities in place.

Based on the skills gaps identified, Nestor makes tailored suggestions for learning and development opportunities to help employees expand and grow their skill sets, improve performance, or prepare for upward or lateral mobility.

Learn how to leverage skills to achieve organizational agility and build a future-ready workforce
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