Nestor at Unleash America 2024: Let’s Meet There!

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Nestor at Unleash America 2024: Let’s Meet There!

We’re very excited to announce that Nestor is going to UNLEASH America 2024, making it the third consecutive year when our team is participating in one of the largest HR conferences in the world.

This time around, the event will take place on 7-9 May, with the location itself being unchanged: CAESARS FORUM, in Las Vegas — the same exciting venue that hosted UNLEASH last year and is once again ready to welcome over 10,000 guests during 3 full-packed days.

UNLEASH — or the International Festival of HR, as it is known — doesn’t need any introduction. It’s a one-of-a-kind event that brings together cutting-edge tech, insightful people, and game-changing ideas that are transforming the future and the nature of work.

How to make the most out of UNLEASH America 2024

If it’s your first time at UNLEASH, there are a few tips and tricks and other things that you can do before the event to improve your experience:

Become familiar with the pre-event sessions

You will have the opportunity to join the pre-event summits taking place on 7 May. Keep in mind that these sessions require prior registration and you should check who can participate beforehand:

There are also a couple of pre-event workshops on AI and leadership, but these are invite-only.

Become familiar with the two-day event sessions

All the sessions will take place in one of the different zones — Main Stage, Breakouts, Expo Floor, and Interactive Sessions. The format of the sessions will vary, but here’s what you can expect:

  • Keynotes
  • Panels
  • Roundtables
  • Case studies
  • Workshops
  • Competitions
  • Product Spotlights

Between sessions, you will have the opportunity to network and enjoy refreshment breaks.

Spin to Win!

Take part in the Wheel of Fortune event presented by UNLEASH America to compete for a a diverse pool of rewards. This opportunity offers participants the chance to win a portion of $100,000 worth of prizes, ranging from complimentary tickets to UNLEASH America, exclusive discounts on attendee passes, to experiences like a free ride on the iconic High Roller Observation Wheel in Las Vegas.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to engage with leading minds in HR technology and innovation while potentially securing valuable rewards.

Learn more about the event location

If you went to UNLEASH America 2023, then you’re already familiar with CAESARS FORUM. If not, don’t worry — you can take an online 3D tour of the location before actually arriving there.

You can also check out this CAESARS FORUM map.

The most innovative HR Tech providers and innovators will be showcasing their products

Nestor will be a Silver sponsor at this edition of UNLEASH America, joining top companies like Deel, Greenhouse, ADP, Paycom, and Upwork, among many others.

And just like last year, we’re very excited and eagerly looking forward to meeting you in person at our booth — 482 — in the expo area. It’s the perfect place to exchange insights and ideas and we can also answer any questions or curiosities you might have about our skills-based talent management platform.

We are inviting you to meet us in the expo area at Booth 482, where you can discover how Nestor helps organizations identify, activate, and strategically deploy the workforce's skills and capabilities to drive peak performance, innovation, and growth.
UNLEASH America, 7-9 May

We can take a closer look at how skills — when put at the center of your organization — can help you develop more impactful and effective HR strategies aligned with the rapidly evolving business needs.

Top drivers of HR change from leading brands will share their expertise

Over 5,000 leaders who are actively shaping the future of HR will be at UNLEASH America.

This includes industry experts and thought-leaders with titles like Global Head of Organizational Effectiveness, Chief People Officer, Head of Talent Attraction and People, or Executive Director of Hiring Success — all eager to share their valuable knowledge and exchange ideas with other HR (tech) enthusiasts.

Get ready for numerous opportunities to be inspired and learn from huge names like Oracle, Microsoft, Cornerstone OnDemand, Mercer, SAP, and others.

Also, attendees are in for a treat as a very special guest will be making an appearance. Prepare to be amazed and motivated as Magic Johnson shares insights for business success straight from the heart of Magic Johnson Enterprises.

Sessions and topics you can’t afford to miss at UNLEASH America 2024

You’ll be able to attend a wide range of (interactive) sessions during the conference, dealing with topics like emerging HR technologies, new developments in the workplace, or the trends that are likely to transform how we see work itself.

Below, you’ll find some of the sessions that have attracted our attention but keep in mind many others are available during the 3 busy days:


(Pre-Event) HR Tech & Transformation Summit

Experts will delve into the pivotal role of technology in HR, emphasizing the need to balance high-tech solutions with a human-centric approach.

They will also explore the transformative potential of HR tech in payroll management, holistic organizational transformation, leveraging AI to enhance employee experience, and harnessing HR tech for an impactful workplace revolution. Speakers include:

Note: To attend this event, you need to register/apply separately.

(Pre-Event) Talent Acquisition Summit

Experts will discuss navigating the evolving landscape of recruitment amidst advancements in AI and automation, emphasizing strategic restructuring of recruiting teams and preparing for executive inquiries.

Additionally, they will address the challenge of objectively measuring the quality of hires and advocate for a focus on improving the quality of hiring decisions within organizations. Speakers include:

  • John Vlastelica – Founder and CEO of Recruiting Toolbox
  • Kylie Kingston – Managing Director of HR Planning and Technology at FedEx
  • Lewis Brown – Vice President of Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, and DEI at Comcast

Note: To attend this event, you need to register/apply separately.

(Pre-Event) Strategic Alliances Summit

Experts will explore the importance of strategic alliances in today’s business landscape, emphasizing collaborative environments, talent management, and innovation.

They will also discuss the critical role of trust and shared culture in forming strategic alliances while sharing insights on navigating cultural integration and trust-building. Speakers include:

  • Daniel Chait – CEO at Greenhouse
  • Corina Lam – Global Leader of Vendor Services at Mercer
  • Siva Sundaresan – Senior Vice President of Applications Engineering at SAP SuccessFactors
  • Kyle Lagunas – Head of Strategy & Principal Analyst at Aptitude Research

Note: To attend this event, you need to register/apply separately.

(Pre-Event) Vendor Summit

Experts will discuss the transformative role of HR technology in navigating the future of work, emphasizing its critical importance in talent management, organizational success, and ethical considerations.

They will also explore emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities in leveraging technology to streamline HR processes and enhance organizational resilience. Speakers include:

  • Svenja Gudell – Chief Economist at Indeed
  • Kathi Enderes – Senior Vice President of Research and Global Industry Analyst at The Josh Bersin Company
  • Erica Perry Briody – Executive Advisor at Culture Index
  • Ben Eubanks – Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory

Note: To attend this event, you need to register/apply separately.

Main Stage

Modern Leadership in HR: How to Lead with the Head and Heart

Learn how to master the art of modern leadership and find the right balance between head-based skills and heart-based qualities for effective leadership. Insights from Dr Kirstin Ferguson, Author and Keynote Speaker.

Navigating the New Normal: How HR Can Harness Technology in a World of Populism and Aging Populations

Discover how rapid technological advancements are reshaping the labor market landscape and how you can help your organization navigate the complexities of an aging population and evolving workforce dynamics. Insights from Mark Blyth, Professor of International Economics.

Navigating the Future: Unveiling AI’s Impact on HR Leadership, Innovation, and Trust

Explore practical applications of AI and the challenges that must be addressed as we enter a new era of HR, in which AI-based tools could become strategic partners for organizational growth. Insights from:

  • Josh Bersin – Global Industry Analyst and Top HR Voice
  • Amy Coleman – Corporate Vice President of Human Resources & Corporate Functions at Microsoft

HR Revolution 2024: Unleashing a Bold New Era of Transformation

Find out how the radical reimagining of HR is reshaping the future of work, blending state-of-the-art technology with innovative strategies for transformative change. Insights from:

  • Shakti Jauhar – SVP, Head of Global Transformation, GBS at McDonald’s
  • Rebecca Pearce – Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer at Autodesk
  • Deanna Jones – Chief Human Resources Officer at Baker Hughes

HR Tech World Stage

The Future of HR Tech in 2025: Examining the Digital Evolution

Discover what the HR tech landscape could look like in the year 2025 and the role of HR professionals and tech innovators in shaping the future of work. Insights from:

  • Amy Clark – Chief People Officer at D2L
  • Bastian Pope – Director of HR Digital Transformation at Allstate

HR Transformation Amidst Enterprise Change

Learn how the role of HR keeps evolving as people in this critical business area keep contributing to the process of building more agile and engaged organizations. Insights from Steve O’Brien, SVP of People Solutions – Global HR at Syneos Health.

Performance Management & Technology: Who Is Using Their Software to Its Full Capacity?

Explore the importance of integrating technology into performance management to enable real-time feedback and precise tracking of employee progress — aligning individual performance with strategic business goals in the process. Insights from:

Learning and Skills Stage

Skills Now: Navigating the Skills Landscape

Dive deep into the progress, challenges, and success stories that are (re)shaping the ever-evolving skills landscape — all while gaining insights on Skills and AI integration. Ideas shared by:

  • Tina Gupta – Senior Vice President (SVP) of Talent Management at New York Life Insurance Company
  • Colin Coggins – SVP/GM of Enterprise & Chegg Skills at Chegg

Navigating the Future of Work: Leveraging AI for Effective Upskilling and Reskilling

Discover the power and role of AI in ethical workforce development. Find out why personalized training, ethical challenges, and human touch are critical for the future of employee growth. Insights from Natalie Wintermark, Chief People & Culture Officer at Glamox.

Ditch the Degree: How Organizations and Individuals Can Win with a Skills-First Approach

Learn why prioritizing skills over formal qualifications in recruitment and career development is essential in order to adapt to the evolving job market. By leveraging this approach, you will improve hiring decisions and enhance organizational adaptability and competitiveness. Insights from Heather Yurko, Vice President of Digital Talent at Mastercard.

Talent Acquisition Stage

AI Revolution: Mastering Talent Acquisition

Learn to harness the potential of AI to transform your talent acquisition process and seamlessly identify, engage, and recruit top candidates faster than ever before. Insights from Wendy Mayer, VP of Candidate Experience at Pfizer.

Navigating the Talent Highway: Leveraging Tech for Seamless Internal Mobility

Discover the benefits of advanced platforms and change management in facilitating smooth transitions, optimizing talent, and promoting an internal-first mindset. Insights from Jane Curran, Global Head of Talent Acquisition and HR Services at JLL.


Innovating HR for Global Impact: Building a Tech-Enabled Operating Model

The discussion aims to explore the transformative impact of incorporating technology into HR processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness globally. Key topics include aligning HR strategies with organizational goals, anticipating future workforce trends, and operationalizing plans through careful process design and technology implementation. Insights from Yihang Yan, Director of Business Operations – People at Verkada.

For more details about the event and constant updates, don’t forget to check the official website of the event. See you all there!

Book in advance your 1:1 meeting with us at Unleash America 2024 by picking the day and time slot that best fits your schedule. See you there!

Make smart, fast, and confident decisions with Nestor's skills-based talent management solutions

Make smart, fast, and confident decisions with Nestor's skills-based talent management solutions