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Nestor's Skills-based People Intelligence Platform helps you gain complete visibility into employee skills, easily identify critical skill gaps, and leverage the best-fit development opportunities so people can keep track of the changing business needs.

Skills mapping for each position
Skills evaluation during performance reviews
Skills gaps identification
Customized career paths & growth
Aligned skills, performance expectations & development
Users love Nestor
We’re proud that our platform and our excellent customer service have been recognized by G2 as one of the top-notch products out there and the #1 easiest to use in Skills Management Software.
I absolutely love the user interface, it’s intuitive, easy to use and they always surprise us with new and improved functionality.
Worforce agility and performance at scale with one powerful platform

Skills and Career Growth

Nestor's career development framework inferred with skills, lays the foundation for continuous skill development and helps you and your teams set clear career paths forward.

Skills and Internal Mobility

Nestor's skills insights coupled with a talent and opportunity marketplace help you close your employees' skill gaps and support their career aspirations through internal mobility.

Skills and Performance

Nestor's way of connecting skills with performance management supports both people and business growth by aligning development goals with growth actions and performance outcomes.
Why Customers Love Nestor
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Strong Success Rate

With a 98% adoption rate, Nestor brings value to each employee, manager, HR or executive.


Fully Customizable

Nestor helps you mix and match functionalities that perfectly align with your talent strategy.


Stellar Support

Enterprise level support from strategy to implementation and ongoing customer care.


Unique Approach

We bring together employee performance, engagament and career development, all linked and augumented by skills data.


Innovation at your fingertips

Our platform inludes latest research and AI driven tools to help you streamline your talent operations.

Secure and scalable

GDPR & COPA compliant. Scales with your organization offering the same user experience.

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